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Almost every technology we use today are either the directly or indirectly the products of coding. Join Coding Bee Academy and teach our children coding, one of the most important skills they can learn today! Our curriculum is accessible and fun for children from 5 to 18 years old. Sign up now for more information.

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What is Coding?

Coding or computer programming, is the process of designing and building computer software (such as, mobile apps, software in your devices, games, etc). It is a highly valuable skill because we use software in almost everything we do: from chatting with loved ones, work, making payments, and finding our way to our favorite cafe. At Coding Bee Academy, our students learn to program software in fun and accessible ways.

Everyone can (even children!), and should learn how to code.

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Understand technology around us

Learning to code enables us to understand how the technology around us works. Coding skills empower our children, enabling them to shift from consumer to creator of technology.

Develop Thinking Skills

In the process of building a software or app, our children will learn to develop computational thinking, problem solving skills, critical thinking and creativity.

Coding is the language of the future

Learning to code will provide job security for our children in the future. Whether they want to be an engineer, a doctor or an entrepreneur, knowing how to code will be vital.

Learn By Having Fun

At Coding Bee Academy, we want our students to learn computer science and coding in a fun and relaxed environment. Learning to write a program does not have to be difficult!

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